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I’m freaking out I don’t usually reblog this stuff but this is like incredible

I would rather my child play with a barbie than one of those bloody Bratz dolls anyday. Barbie has always stood for something. Maybe I’m missing the point with these Bratz dolls but they seem to just be promoting everything shallow and even destructive, fashion, boyfriends (really for preschool aged kidd?) Parties and popularity. Meanwhile Barbie is rescuing pets before she goes to her night job as a surgeon while also running her presidential campaign.







As a paranormal/horror blogger I can assure you these child abuse ads are the most scariest and saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Probably because things like that are happening RIGHT NOW at this very INSTANT. 

And it’s horrifying but hopefully these ads bring more attention towards it. 

I got these from this buzzfeed article. You can view more ads and the sources for these ads there as well. 


so important.

The girl in the hands dress just completely fucked me up..

I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of kids, because of a various reasons. But I would NEVER EVER wish for any of them to be in situations like these.

don’t ever stop rebloging this guys

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